Meet our newest E-Juice line…Canada e Clouds!

Canada eClouds Launching Exclusively at The Digital Smoker!  Launch weekend pricing $15 per bottle. Buy 3 and get a FREE T-shirt!  Oct.31-Nov.1 at both locations.

Check out our Flavour List…

Each of our flavours is available in your choice of 0%, 3%, 6%, or 12% Nicotine. 

Melon Glory Clouds  

The name says it all!  At 30 PG – 70 VG, this cloud blend is packed full of melon goodness that deliver a smooth blended melon inhale with a hint of citrus and watermelon in the exhale.  This is one of our favorite recipes and is guaranteed to become an all-day vape among you and your friends.

Artisan Clouds  

These clouds offer skillfully crafted blend of citrus and berry flavours creating a unique and delightful lemonade vape.  At 30 PG – 70 VG, this mix is smooth on the inhale yet tart on the exhale.  Great for any time of day, these clouds have already become a favourite among our friends.

Sauble Clouds

These tasty clouds are so good you will feel like you are on the warm sandy shores of Lake Huron enjoying a relaxing day at Sauble Beach.  At 30 PG – 70 VG, these clouds offer an exquisite peach blend inhale, with a sweet candy exhale that delights the senses.  We hope that you will enjoy these clouds as much as we do.

Summer Dream Clouds

Imagine the best orange creamsicle you have ever had.  This is better.  At 30 PG – 70 VG, these gourmet summer dream clouds will blow your taste buds away with a rich yet gentle orange inhale, with a sweet creamy exhale.  You can enjoy this vape all day guilt- free, as it is zero calories.

Road Apple Clouds

We wanted to make an amazing apple- candy blend and think we nailed it with this flavour.  Road Apple Clouds is a complex blend of apples, fruit, and candy that is truly one of a kind.  These clouds offer a smooth flavourful throat hit with a sweet candy exhale.  Get in your car, crank the tunes, and get motoring with our Road Apple Clouds.

Fusion Clouds 

One day while vaping between Melon Glory and Artisan Clouds an idea occurred, two juices were blended together, and Fusion Clouds were born.  Our most complex recipe of melons, berries, and citruses, blended at 70 VG – 30 PG make this an exceptionally fine vape.  It has been described by many as tasting like “a delicious cup of juice”.  We don’t like to overuse terms like premium, all-day vape, smooth, and rich, but you are certainly welcome to.

Yogurt Blends

Everyone said not to do it, so we naturally said “Challenge accepted” and are glad we did.  We have worked tirelessly to create and test these yogurt blends, ensuring a smooth, consistent flavor, with little to no aftertaste.

Kawartha Lake Clouds (KL)

A shout out to the Kawarthas.  A 30 PG – 70 VG, this creamy yogurt blend has hints of pina colada, pineapple, and other summer fruits.  Simply put, this blend evokes the magnificence of the Kawartha Lakes, and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Muskoka Clouds

Dedicated to the parents who gave their children the most memorable cottage experiences ever.  The Muskoka name is synonymous with nature at its finest and invokes many warm feelings, and memories.  At 30 PG – 70 VG, these clouds live up to these qualities, delivering a creamy yogurt layered with fresh peaches, pears, and summer berries.  Take a moment out of your busy life to remember the finer things in life with our Muskoka Clouds.


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