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It’s in the store.
Bill 45 is the proposed set of laws that simply applies all the regulations of tobacco on E-cigs. This should have been called the Protect The Tobacco Tax Revenue Bill. Under Bill 45, we would have to hide all of our products.

We wouldn’t be able to show, explain, demonstrate, troubleshoot, or set-up a device. We wouldn’t be able to list our flavours, tell you what they were, let you sample, or tell you the differences between PG/VG or nicotine levels. Nor would we be able to vape in our own vape shop. Since our business is based around explaining the devices to new users and letting them sample all our flavours, this bill is clearly designed to kill the E-cig business in Ontario.

This bill would help revitalize the tobacco industry in a few ways. Many vapers may go back to smoking due to difficulty in buying juice and gear, and new vapers would have nowhere to go for education and are more likely to view E-cigs as unsafe if they’re heavily regulated, so they would stay on cigarettes.

This is similar to what happened in Nova Scotia last year, although the initial bill that was presented there was not nearly as draconian. The final law that was passed made allowances for dedicated vape shops, provided the public could not see inside and you had to be 19 to enter.

Nova Scotia STILL refused to classify E-cigs for what they are – the most effective smoking cessation device on earth, because it would have kept them from imposing an 87% sin tax as opposed to taxing them in the same category as nearly useless products such as nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, and the patch.  We would like to see sensible legislation that recognizes E-cigarettess not only as being different from tobacco, but as being smoking-cessation devices.

We think there should be regulation and we would propose:

  • No sales to anyone under 19.
  • ALL E-Liquids to be independently lab tested.
  • Bottles to be child-proof and properly labelled with ingredients, safety information, poison label, brand, flavour, nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, country of origin, country of sourced ingredients.
  • Vape shops should be the ones to determine if they will allow vaping in the shop
  • Products with nicotine be limited to dedicated vape shops which you must be 19 to enter.
  • No E-Liquids from China.
  • Guidelines for vape shop Employees when recommending what nicotine strength to use or explaining the effects of vaping.
  • We also support regulation for E-Liquid manufacturers including disclosure of ingredients, standards for manufacturing facilities, and responsible limits on nicotine strength.

This is just as much about your personal freedom as it is about your right to vape. You’re an adult, you don’t need a nanny. Decide for yourself. Then let your MP know that they need to support you if they expect your support.
Write letters, drop by, call them. Sign the Petitions! Every vape shop is carrying a copy for you to sign the next time you’re in.


…On a happier note, we have brought in a whole bunch of great new juice since our last listing.
There’s too many for me to remember right now, but we have new flavours with almost all of our existing brands, and we’ve brought in a few new brands with more to come in the next few weeks.

Our new brands are:

416 Vapes – 5 Flavours
Maven – 4 Flavours
RVC – 1 Flavour
Ruthless – 12 Flavours
Exclusive – 1 Flavour

We’re somewhere in the range of 170 flavours now, so there’s always something new to try!

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  1. I agree to stop "bill 45" !

  2. Awesome work Digital! Your store is an inspiration. Great website, too. Looking forward to seeing your online store.

  3. Stop! Bill 45!


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