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Welcome to our New Blog Page!

We are a new type of E-Cigarette store. We focus on educating customers so they can make a comfortable, informed decision when it comes to making the switch from smoking to vaping.  We are former smokers who found that despite our resolve to quit smoking and start vaping, we had some major roadblocks.  Mainly, the only places to buy E-Cigarettes were flea markets or shady shops full of out-of-date junk.  We were tired of getting ripped-off, tired of smelling juice instead of tasting it. And my girlfriend (and co-owner) was uncomfortable walking into even the best shops, most of which looked more like tattoo parlours than a place where you’d go to make a life-altering decision about your health.

E-Cigarettes are far too important to languish in the shadows and people deserve a proper retail space where they can ask all their questions without being rushed or lied to and that’s what The Digital Smoker is about – giving people a comfortable, bright place where they get what they need without any pressure or questionable products.  All of our E-Juice is North-American made and comes from ingredients sourced in NA and Europe. There is NOTHING from China in our Juice.  All of our hardware comes from the best brands. No generic, outdated junk.

Things to watch out for:

You may see cheap E-Juice selling for $5-$10 for a 30ml bottle that says “Made in Canada” on the label. It was NOT made in Canada. It was mixed in Canada using Chinese ingredients. This is what you get at many flea markets and from the junk shops. And it can contain known toxins and sub-standard, tainted ingredients.  PROPER Canadian E-Juice is fully labeled, including ingredients, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level listed in MG, safety and hazard info, and it should indicate that it has been independently lab tested to ensure quality. If the seller cannot tell you exactly where it was made, who made it and where the ingredients came from, RUN!  Shady operators LOVE the pre-packaged starter kit with a couple of batteries, some clearomizers, a charger, and a case. It’s often a way for these guys to dump old, dead stock on unknowing customers.

Don’t let this scare you!  Vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking and there are a fair number of legitimate, upstanding shops popping up that really do help and provide good products. Because of the sheer amount of flavours and hardware out there, it can take a little while to find what works best for you, but when you do, you’ll feel a little silly for smoking as long as you did.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please come visit us at The Digital Smoker in Port Credit. But be prepared to spend some time here. There is a lot to learn and then there’s the 149 amazing flavours to try!

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