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The Digital Smoker opened in 2014 with a singular purpose – to help people quit smoking. In January 2014, we were long-term smokers. 22 years at nearly a pack a day. I bought my first vape and E-Liquid with 12 mg of nicotine at a flea market on a Saturday. The following day, I put out my last cigarette and haven’t touched one since.

Over the next few months we did a lot of research but still had the same problems – we had to buy from flea markets and none of these vendors could tell us what was in the liquids, how to set a device or really anything of value. But we were determined to make it work.

We wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find good liquid, good hardware and anyone who could explain it all and make it accessible. The few shops that existed were far away and only seemed to cater to people who already knew how to vape.

"How was anyone supposed to use these amazing devices to quit smoking if nobody could teach them and make it simple?"

And that’s why The Digital Smoker was created.

On July 11, 2014, we opened the first Vape Shop in Mississauga at 283 Lakeshore Rd in Port Credit. Having previously worked with some of the world’s largest companies, we took the same training and educational techniques they use and applied it to teaching people how to vape.

We created a bright, warm space where everyone could feel welcome and comfortable. Allowing people to come in and get what they needed, whether they were a new or an experienced vaper, male, female, young or old.  We built a massive selection of safe, lab-tested E-Liquids so everyone could find their flavour and not have to worry about product quality. Then, on July 11, 2015 – exactly one year after opening our first shop we opened the first Vape Shop in Georgetown at 158 Guelph St.

Our stores are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. Over the years we’ve expanded our product lines, started our own brands and have even helped launch other brands.  But one thing has never changed – we have always taken better care of our customers than anyone else.

Since 2014, The Digital Smoker has developed a reputation for amazing service, thorough education, in-depth support, great locations and superior products at competitive prices.   We are where people come to learn vaping. Check our reviews and you’ll know you’re in good, caring hands.

Our original Port Credit location.

Our second location in Georgetown.

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